Institute for Renewable Energy Lab Tour

21/05/2019 NOI Techpark, Bolzano (Italy)

NOI Techpark, Bolzano – Italy
Tuesday 21st, May 2019 h 14:00-15:00


The laboratories of the Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research are a CONTACT POINT BETWEEN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND PRIVATE COMPANIES​. In the fields of technology, efficient building systems and solar energy, researchers support companies and industrial partners that are testing and implementing innovative energy technologies. We perform services including laboratory TESTING, pi​lot-plant MONITORING, as well as SIMULATING and OPTIMIZING energy systems. In every project, our researchers use simulations, experimental tests and creation of prototypes to turn an innovative concept into a concrete project.

With DEDICATED LABORATORIES, the institute offers test services studying heat pumps, both thermally and electrically driven, and solar photovoltaic modules, and measuring the thermal properties of passive and active solar building components. Extensive dynamic simulations are performed to enhance the product development process and virtually integrate the component in an overall system.

The lab tour will involve the following infrastructures:

  • Solare PV Lab | Sunsimulator for photovoltaic modules
  • Accelerated Life Testing Lab | Climatic chamber for accelerated life tests​
  • G – Value Lab | Laboratory for performance characterization of multifunctional facades
  • Multifunctional Facade Lab | Laboratory for performance characterization of multifunctional facades
  • Heat Pumps Lab | Laboratory for heat pump systems test
  • Hygrothermal testing lab | Laboratory for hygrothermal material characterization

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