FACEcamp Abschlussseminar

20/05/2019 NOI Techpark, Bolzano (Italy)

Montag, 20.Mai 2019 9-11:30 Uhr
NOI Techpark, Bozen, SEM3 Saal

Interreg ITAT1039
FACEcamp Results Seminar 
(Sprache: Englisch, ohne Simultanübersetzung)



Welcome and short introduction (Stefano Avesani, Eurac)

9:30-11:30 FACEcamp results

1. Modelling tool chain for advanced façade performance assessment
Daniel Plorer (Universität Innsbruck), Martin Hauer (Bartenbach), Giuseppe De Michele (Eurac Research)

2. FaçadeGIS as tool for performance driven facade design
Luca Papaiz (glassAdvisor), Stefano Avesani (Eurac Research)

3. A new modelling approach for Complex Fenestration system via CFD and Radiance
Ingrid Demanega (Eurac Research, Frener & Reifer), Giuseppe De Michele (Eurac Research)

4. Approaches and technologies for daylight Non-visual comfort in indoor space
Wilfried Pohl (Bartenbach)

5. in-situ g-value for monitoring of existing building facades
Daniel Plorer (Universität Innsbruck), Martin Hauer (Bartenbach)

6. Façade innovation management
Ingrid Demanega (Frener & Reifer)

7. FACE course as a market driven success story
Carlo Battisti (IDM South Tyrol)

8. FACEcamp CoCe: Vision, Mission & Sustainability plan
Carlo Battisti (IDM South Tyrol)

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

12:00-12:30 FACE3 best Project Works Presentations

One single model: structural glazing analysis for complex shape structures.
Marco Benedetti (Giugiaro Architettura & Structures)

Dependency of energy loads and operational costs of a typical office room on façade design choices.
Paolo Bonato (EURAC research)

Facade Fire Safety Engineering
Stefano Prosseda (IDM South Tyrol)

NOI Techpark Foyer-1: FACE3 Project Works Posters Exhibition (open daily 20-21 May 2019).
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